[Who is medusa.ink?]


A Colorful History

medusa.ink is a new literary-focused company based out of Columbus, Indiana. Its founder, Bailey Burnett, is a feminist ex-academic (although she's currently finishing up her master's degree in english studies at Ball State University) invested in literary criticism & review, perspective & voice. medusa.ink provides literature based content with a feminist focus, as well as freelance writing & editing services. [click here to see Bailey's curiculum vitae]


Bailey chose the name medusa.ink for two reasons:

  1. Medusa is a badass woman constantly misrepresented & misunderstood in history, literature, & popular culture. & because of this misrepresentation, Bailey wants to do her part in reimagining such a prominent female power-figure. To her, Medusa stands for all the female, queer, marginalized people in the world who aren't given the opportunity to tell their own stories. 
  2. medusa.ink obviously loves a good pun.

medusa.ink's mission is to create a space in which misunderstood voices break through the boundaries of tradition, find solidarity & community, & understand the value they offer to the literary sphere. 


What you will find here:

  • Blog content invested in literary criticism, review, & conversations from a feminist perspective
  • Freelance writing services for companies, organizations & individuals searching for expert literary content (literary-focused blog posts & articles, book reviews, creative ghost writing)
  • Freelance editing services for fiction & creative nonfiction writers